Vintage Champagne Flute

Rental Price: 0.60

Description: Rental price is per item. Vintage Champagne Flutes are rented in full racks of 36. Minimum order 36 glasses.

Made of 100% lead free crystal, Butlerz's glassware provides higher clarity and brilliance than glassware that contains lead. The smooth touch and delicate chime of crystal glassware lets your guests know they are drinking from the very finest glassware.This durable, lead free wine glass undergoes a fire tempering process that increases hardness and durability, resulting in less glass breakage. "Pulled stem" technology ensures consistency by forming the stem and bowl from one solid piece of crystal. The base is then fire-melted to the stem, ensuring exceptional balance.Serve your champagne in the elegance, tradition, and excellence of our crystal glassware.8.5oz

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