Keg Tap with Pump

Rental Price: 35.00

Description: Quickly get the beer flowing at any picnic, beach party, backyard BBQ, or any other special event without the burden of lugging around a CO2 tank by using this keg tap and pump! Operation is as simple as tapping the keg, depressing the 4" chrome-plated pump until the ideal flow rate is reached, and using the beer hose and black plastic faucet to fill your thirsty guests' cups with the day's beverage of choice.

This pump's coupler is compatible with "A" system keg valves, also known as German Slider because it slides onto the valve face, which are used by many German breweries. Used by breweries like Hoegaarden, Paulaner, Spaten, and Warsteiner, this unit's compatibility is rivaled only by its durability thanks to its forged brass coupler with tin-nickel plating.