Creative Ways To Seat Your Wedding Guests At A Ceremony

Creative Ways To Seat Your Wedding Guests At A Ceremony

Bucking the norm in wedding decor and traditions has become the “new norm,” and we love it! Gone are the days when every wedding looks the same. The same colors, venues, and boring dinner options have been chucked out the window. Instead, today’s couples embrace their uniqueness and create events that speak to their style. And one of the best ways to do this is how you seat your wedding guests.

Wedding Event

Every aspect of your big day doesn’t need to be redesigned or reinvented, but a few small changes can give a ceremony or reception a unique, modern vibe. And today, we have some incredible ideas for creative ways to seat your wedding guests at your ceremony. 

Along with the functional aspects of proper seating, you want pizzazz, a décor theme, aesthetic value, and an expression of your and your partner’s sense of style. Seating must be creative and practical; this article will help you master that fine balance. 

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Seating & Stylized Pieces  

At Butlerz Rents, we offer such a dynamic range of rental wedding furniture and wedding table chair rentals Paso Robles options that you can bring any décor style to life. So, if you’re hosting a wedding, and need event rentals in San Luis Obispo, contact us today!

Our Chiavari chairs- our specialty

Chiavari chair rentals in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo come in three distinct types and are perfect for every type of wedding. From a rustic affair to a shabby, chic, super-sophisticated seating plan, Chiavari chairs are always a beautiful choice.

And when you rent your San Luis Obispo Chiavari Chairs from Butlerz Rents, each chair comes with matching tie-on cushion varieties, so your guests will be very comfortable as the ceremony goes on. 

Our dark fruitwood Chiavari chair has a simplistic, antique vibe, and our white one is a dream option for beach weddings or day weddings. 

The gold Chiavari chair is deluxe and luxurious and will fit in well with a corresponding décor that uses metallic finishes. 

Wooden Chairs

Samsonite Folding Chairs

Our more casual offerings include Samsonite folding chairs (ideal for barn or farmhouse weddings), Tolix chairs, Resin folding chairs, and cross-back chairs. If you want to gravitate towards a more farmhouse chic style, our wooden folding chair doesn’t disappoint. For a modern, hip wedding, we also provide ghost chairs that have become very fashionable in the last few years. 

Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Options

If you want your wedding ceremony to be unique, ditch traditional chairs and do something funky. Wedding seating options don’t stop at chairs, as we have a range of other San Luis Obispo wedding rental furniture you can pick for additional seating in and around your event space. 

Cross-back benches for a rustic allure, a white leather Queen loveseat for bridal photoshoots, white leather sunbeds (for beach ceremonies), wicker sectional sofas that happily seat groups of five, and bench seats.

All of our wedding table chair rental San Luis Obispo options can be paired with matching table types, such as rustic farm tables, banquet tables, round tables, and cocktail tables, to create personalized and creative ways to seat your wedding guests at your ceremony.

Wedding Seating Designs To Blow Your Mind 

There are dozens of seating styles you can choose for your ceremony, although for every style, you should consider the length of your guest list and whether or not there is segregation between the bride’s and the groom’s side. 

Unique & Creative Ways To Seat Your Wedding Guests

Intimate Inner Circles 

For smaller, more intimate gatherings, you can construct an inner circle of friends and loved ones which also allows for equal participation by everyone there. Choose from the chair types we offer depending on your overall décor theme and aesthetic. For outdoor ceremonies, our chic wooden folding chairs are a rustic lover’s dream come true. 


Seating Around A Focal Attraction 

An interesting and off-the-beaten-path way of designing your ceremony’s seating plan is to center it around a certain focal point like the main floral display, a fountain, or even a special couch where the groom and the bride will sit and take photos with everyone. 

You can, of course, hire companies to create a decorative floral display or even a floral wall or an ice sculpture (for maximum effect) and then create the seating set up accordingly. 

The Way It’d Be In A Stadium 

Your loved ones are undoubtedly your cheerleaders on your big day so consider a stadium-style or a Colosseum seating style! It’s unusual, out of the box, and makes a powerful statement. Not to mention it does afford better visibility for all the guests, including the ones at the back. 

As with usual seating designs, the guests at the back may feel ignored or unable to participate, and this design prevents that and lets everyone feel important. 

Laid-Back Beach Style

Use our cross-back benches and chairs or our folding chairs to create a semi-casual, relaxing, laid-back wedding seating design for a beach wedding. Throw in some textured cushions and a few rugs, and your guests will feel extremely comfortable and much more open to conversation among themselves. 

Beach Packages

Use A Double Arch Design

In wedding ceremonies, there needs to be a clear designated path for the bride, groom, and their loved ones, like bridesmaids and groomsmen, so a double arch format is very practical and aesthetic from the ground aerial view. Most wedding photographers use drones nowadays, so this double arch seating plan will look stunning if you have an outdoor wedding. 

Use any of our chairs, such as ghost chairs or any of the Chiavari varieties, to create two disjointed arches, like two halves of a circle, and feel free to reserve aisle seats for important guests! 

Variety Is The Spice of Life

If you want a real designer feel to your wedding seating design, consider renting a variety of chairs that are all different. This deliberate, curated mismatching aspect is visually interesting and unexpected and makes the ceremony light-hearted and fun as opposed to having a formal seating plan. 

You can add any number of decorative accents like cushions, rugs, flowers, and even twinkle lights around the furniture. This design allows you to play around with chair varieties and add loveseats, single-seater couches, and benches. 

Traditional Pews

Traditional is a great way to go, and you can add a creative twist even to the conventional pew seating style, although try not to stray from the mostly straight rows and symmetrical setup. Rent any of our bench options and decorate with cushions, foliage, and even throws for a more bohemian, rustic feel that will photograph beautifully and seat many people. This setup is particularly appealing for an outdoorsy wedding that can play on the surrounding natural elements and does not need the seating arrangement to be too perfect.